Top 10 90s Cartoons That Defined Millennial's Childhood

Top 10 90s Cartoons That Defined Millennial's Childhood

Attention 90s kids, now Adults! Assemble immediately as we are about to travel back in time and go down memory lane to find back the innocent joys of our childhood. We might not recall the last time we watched our favourite show, but deep down, we still have clear memories of these lost treasures.

Being 90s kids, we were blessed to witness a golden era of Indian childhood cartoons. And if you've seen more than 6 best cartoons from this list, you have definitely lived a memorable childhood. So without further ado, let us run back to our childhood just as we came running back from school to watch these. P.S. Keep a pack of tissues handy just in case the nostalgia hits you hard.

1. Shaktimaan


A true Indian superhero, "Shaktimaan" captured the imagination of millions with his incredible powers and commitment to justice. Times have changed, and the way we apologise has evolved, but admit it, nothing can beat the innocence of "Sorry Shaktiman", which is still so iconic. The Shaktiman series instilled values like honesty, compassion, and the importance of fighting against evil, leaving a lasting impact on Indian kids.

2. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

Let's get back to having fun with Baloo and train with Bagheera. Based on Rudyard Kipling's timeless tale, "The Jungle Book" animated series brought Mowgli's adventures in the jungle to life. What fun it was watching animated shorts of small Mowgli grow! This show not only entertained but also taught important values like true friendship, respect for nature, and the significance of staying true to oneself.

3. Popeye the Sailor

Popeye the Sailor

Don't stop yourself from reading this line in rhyme - Popeye the Sailor Man! We all know who he is and his love for spinach and Olive Oyl. Suppose it's Saturday morning, and the punch man Popeye is here for live action! Popeye has entertained and educated us- Indian kids about the power of grit and determination, the importance of standing up for oneself, and the value of true love. We sure tried eating spinach while watching Popeye's courageous and comical escapades that have remained with us even today.

4. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Have you tried sketching Goku on the last page of your book, or perhaps, you might be lying? Although it premiered in the late 80s, "Dragon Ball Z" was a widely popular action anime throughout the 90s and significantly impacted Indian kids. An action-packed anime series, Dragon Ball Z focused on themes of courage, perseverance, true friends, and the constant struggle between good and evil.

5. The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup! You must've seen these girls flying across the compass box or water bottles of the girls in your class. The Powerpuff Girls was an action-packed animated series celebrating girl power and teaching important values like courage, teamwork, and using power responsibly.

6. Pokemon


"Pika Pika" - A global phenomenon, Pokémon shaped values of friendship, loyalty between good friends and determination. A show we came rushing back from school, Pokemon taught us compassion for others, embrace differences, and the rewards of hard work. It emphasised the value of setting and striving to achieve goals. There were moments of tears during some episodes as well, which was such an iconic part of our childhood.

7. Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory

A hidden laboratory behind a bookshelf with colourful chemicals burning inside test tubes and a short guy with large spectacles. Dexter was a young genius whose work influenced us to do our very own DIY scientific experiments and inventions. Accompanied by his loyal and resourceful sister, Dee Dee, Dexter's Laboratory is a beloved sci-fi 90s cartoon that combines humour, imagination, and a touch of sibling rivalry, creating a delightful and entertaining experience for Indian kids.

8. Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage The Cowardly Dog

A dark setting with two older adults living in a lonely house with no neighbourhood - Check. Lots of villains and supernatural creatures - Check. A timid, loveable dog facing action scenes no matter how scared he is - Check. "Courage, the Cowardly Dog" ticked off our every box of the horror-comedy genre for a 90s cartoon show. This shows seamlessly blended horror, comedy, and heartwarming moments, creating a lifetime memorable experience.

9. The Scooby-Doo show

The Scooby-Doo show

A mystery-solving show involving ghosts, monsters, and supernatural phenomena. "The Scooby-Doo Show" is a classic 90s cartoon that revolves around a group of teenagers - Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and their canine companion Scooby-Doo - as they solve mysteries together. Combining mystery, humour, and a touch of spookiness, The Scooby-Doo Show has become an iconic part of pop culture.

10. Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Tell me if you love Johnny Bravo or you don't. Either ways, he loves himself and doesn't care much about what you think. A hilarious and larger-than-life 90s cartoon, Johnny Bravo's show followed the misadventures of the self-absorbed and muscle-bound Johnny Bravo. The show combined slapstick humour, pop culture references, and Johnny's over-the-top personality, making it a favourite among Indian kids.


The 90s was indeed a golden era for cartoons. Watching Dexter mix chemicals to experiment in the science lab, the 90s kids have seen a whole generation transform. This transition legit went smoothly from watching Pokémon to finding one. To wrap it up, the 90s cartoons have literally defined our childhood and still continue to influence us with just a glimpse.

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