The Best Kids Movies Coming Out in 2024

The Best Kids Movies Coming Out in 2024

In 2024, the realm of best kids’ movies has created thrilling blockbusters to hit audiences worldwide. This is the year of sequel movies, as many directors have come up with the following stories released throughout the year. It's not necessary to be a kid to watch an animated film. These kid’s movies take you back into the fantasy world with a greater and deeper meaning behind each one.

With the perfect blend of nostalgia, innovation, and creativity, the best kids’ movies are on their way to the theaters for a long-lasting effect in our hearts. Whether you are a die-hard fan eager to watch the sequel or just a casual movie person looking forward to a fantastic experience, 2024 is the year to unleash your inner child.

1. Kung Fu Panda 4
Kung Fu Panda 4

Kung Fu Panda 4 is coming to the theaters after almost a decade. Released on March 8, this film has been awaited for a long time. It is ranked as the best movie for kids. Comedy icon Jack Black returns to his role as Po. As shown in the trailer, Po is expected to find and train a new dragon warrior after becoming the spiritual leader. At the same time, the wicked sorceress brings back the master villains that Po has already defeated.

Go to your nearby theaters to experience this heartwarming animation and story. Enjoy the fragrance of your popcorn on the plush theater seats and welcome this new cinematic work with your movie enthusiast.

2. Inside Out 2
Inside Out 2

Inside Out is an animated movie that shows the inner emotions working system of a girl named Riley, who is adapting to her family relocation and the feelings she experiences. The emotions that work inside her are joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger. The movie is about how they struggle to express proper emotion but mess it up. The more profound thought shows the importance of one's feelings when growing up and how it is necessary to show and talk it out.

Meanwhile, Inside Out 2 has shown teen problems. Joy, fear, sadness, disgust, and anger are working successfully when anxiety enters, and now they are unaware of how to work further. Watch the movie in the theater for this fantastic experience and go through the roller-coaster of emotions when these ‘emotions’ struggle on the screen.

3. The Garfield Movie
The Garfield Movie

Garfield is an upcoming comic movie based on the Jim Davis comic strip Garfield. The first part of this movie came in 2004, narrating the story of Jon’s pets: a fat, lazy cat, Garfield, and a dog, Odie. However, later, Odie wanders off and gets abducted by a Chapman who wants the dog to perform in his shows. And now it’s on Jon’s cat Garfield to rescue Odie.

The second part of this movie will be released on May 24, 2024. In this movie, Garfield is about to go on a wild adventure after the reunion of his long-lost-father cat, Vic. Garfield and Odie are now forced to leave their fantastic life and join Vic in his high-stake heist. This kid's movie out now is impeccable, so ensure you enjoy the feisty experience.

4. Orion and the Dark
Orion and the Dark

This is a fantastic kid’s movie based on the fears of darkness. Orion is an average school-going boy, shy, quiet, and building a secret crush. Being a kid, he has many irrational fears of bees, dogs, and gutter clowns. But the biggest fear he has is of darkness. One fine night, the literal embodiment of his biggest fear, Dark, comes to visit him. He shows Orion that there is nothing to be afraid of at night.

So after this unlikely pair grows a closer bond, Orion has to decide whether he wants to face his fears or not, so watch this fantastic film on Netflix. The movie was released on 6 February 2024. Embrace the joy of this boy and experience the moving story at your home.

5. Paddington in Peru
Paddington in Peru

Paddington released its first two parts in 2014 and 2017 and will be in theaters, with the 3rd part on 8th November 2024. It is a live-action movie based on the Paddington bear, famous in cartoons and movies. As in previous films, Paddington has always experienced some kind of adventure and problem; with one of the best comic timing and heart-warming stories, the 3rd part promises the same.

The bear returns to Peru to visit his beloved aunt, Lucy, who lives with retired bears. With the Brown family in charge, an unassuming adventure comes their way that brings them on an unexpected journey through the Amazon rainforest and up to the mountain peaks of Peru. Go on this journey with the cats of Paddington and experience a great roller-coaster ride in the theaters.

6. The Tiger’s Apprentice
The Tiger’s Apprentice

The Tiger’s Apprentice is a fantasy animated movie based on a 2003 novel by Laurence Yep. The story is based on a young boy in San Francisco named Mr. Hu, who meets a talking tiger and discovers that he has a longing bloodline of guardians who protect the phoenix from evils.

Even though we have seen many versions of this story in books and cartoons, this CG film adaptation will surely win your heart. The experience is different. It was already released on 27th January 2024, so you can watch this film at your home on Amazon Prime.

7. Despicable Me 4
Despicable Me 4

The ‘Despicable Me’ movie series has already made its place in our hearts. The love kids have for minions is on another level. And not only kids but adults are fond of them as well. The first three parts of this series did a great job, and we all have great expectations from the upcoming one.

Gru and Lucy, already having 3 girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, now welcome another member, Gru Jr., who torments his dad. The story goes in the direction of thrill and excitement of ‘what comes next?’ and, as always, super fun. Watch this one of the best movies in theaters on 3rd July 2024. Take your kids and have a wonderful and joyful experience in the theaters.

8. Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Sonic is an action-adventure film based on the video game series. It is a live-action movie about the fastest hedgehog and his new home on Earth. Sonic and his best friend, Tom, team up against the evil genius Dr. Robotnik to save the planet from his dominance.

The 3rd part of this movie promises to give the same amount of entertainment as the first two did. Though the trailer or plot of this part hasn’t been revealed yet, we think it will stand out to our expectations. The movie is in theaters on 20th December 2024. Enjoy the film with action and adventure lovers.

9. If (Imaginary Friend)
If (Imaginary Friend)

The movie is based on a young girl named Bea, who goes through some difficulties and discovers that she has gained the power to see people’s imaginary friends (IFs). Friends who are long lost as people grow up and find their real-life friends. So the story revolves around how Bea goes on a magical journey where she reconnects these IFs (imaginary friends) to their kids.

Have a wonderful time watching this magical adventure with Bea and the IFs. It is a different story and altogether a different experience, for sure. Embrace this with your kids and remember the imaginary friend that you had as a kid. Watch this one of the best movies in theaters on 17th May 2024, and enjoy this joyful time.

10. Moana 2
Moana 2

As we all know, the Moana movie did a great job marking its place in our hearts. It is filled with magic and fantasy like every other kids' movie. The story is about a girl who returns the essence and authenticity of her home place by restoring the ‘heart of Te Fiti.’ Her journey of discovering everything about her ancestors and their lives throughout this movie is adventurous, funny, and heart-touching.

The second part also promises the audience more adventure and fun. In this part, after Moana gets an unexpected call from her ancestor, the movie revolves around her journey to the seas of Oceania and the upcoming danger and adventure. Get on board to watch this fantastic journey of Moana in theaters on 27th November 2024.

From CGI to stop motion, these animated movies have always been an art to create. Though these movies are made for “kids,” they are so much more when it comes to deeper meanings and emotions. These best kids' movies create beauty out of cartoon characters and leave a more significant impact on the hearts of adults.

The upcoming 2024 is primarily a sequel of older movies, which makes it more nostalgic and awaited. Bring out your imagination and inner child with these movies, and have a fun break with your little ones.

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