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5 Most Affordable Menswear Brands That Aren’t Fast Fashion

5 Most Affordable Menswear Brands That Aren’t Fast Fashion

Fast fashion in itself is a replica of the good goods in the clothing market. Sure, they quench your thirst for new and trendy fashion wear, but what about quality? We often face the reality of the wear-and-tear of clothes pretty quickly, which we tend to ignore while buying Fast Fashion Clothing, only thinking about getting our hands on the newest fashion.

Fast fashion often compromises on quality and also on the environment. Men's fashion is associated with expensive prices and high-end labels, but plenty of affordable options exist for those wanting to stay stylish on a budget. So keeping in mind your need for quality and affordable fashion wear, we have compiled a list of the 5 most affordable clothing brands for men that are not Fast Fashion.

1. Fear Of God – Essentials

Fear Of God – Essentials

With its outstanding streetwear fashion, FOG has become the modern man’s go-to wardrobe must-have. From regular crew neck sweatshirts and sweatpants to its beyond-the-time classic coats and trousers for all occasions, Essentials offers luxury streetwear clothing while keeping the smile on your wallet intact.

Fear Of God - Essentials has a particular emphasis on high-quality basics. The pieces have some striking silhouettes and feature premium fabrics like fleece and French terry cotton. They also come in neutral colors like black, white, grey, navy blue, and olive green, unlocking the particular skill - Mix-and-Match, giving you the look of the time without over-crowding your wardrobe.

2. Nike


The famed Swoosh has been a staple brand for the modern man’s wardrobe since 1964, but their clothing range still looks as fresh today as it did back then. From the top pieces like their Air Max sneakers from their latest collection, Nike gives out quality wear that will never go out of style and out of prices that break your bank.

Are you looking for everyday wear or gym clothes? Nike has got you covered. From versatile urban outfitters and comfortable sweatshirts to its all-known sporty gym wear, The Swoosh can clothe you from head to toe. With so many collections dropping every season, there’s always something new to try on and have a trial and error session with every other preferred style and stay on trend with the latest fashion trends.

3. Levi’s


If your preferred choice of clothes for any occasion is denim, then you're at the right place. Levi's, for ages, has been renowned for its iconic denim collection, including all types of jeans and jackets, but that doesn't mean they don't have any other clothing range. They even have your everyday tees, chinos, and shirts - ensuring there's something for everyone's wardrobe needs. But, hey, do you know what the best part is? You can buy all these high-quality products at a very affordable price point without having to rip off your wallet.

So don't worry if you're considering stocking up on essentials; just go ahead! Did you know Levi’s commits to sustainability? From using recyclable materials to energy-conserving manufacturing processes, they’re keen on the environmental impact, bringing you fashion at an affordable price point—making them an excellent option for fashionable, affordable, and sustainable menswear.

4. Pact


No matter what you’re looking for - something for daily wear or something for a special occasion, Pact has something or the other to cater to all your needs. Pact is a growing sustainable fashion brand that specialises in men’s apparel crafted from organic materials. You don’t even have to worry if you’re unknowingly harming your own planet; Pact has a pact in which they take extra care in their production process while offering you various styles to fill up your wardrobe.

Their classic menswear essentials collection uses earth-friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. All of their dyes are free from toxic chemicals that can harm both human health and the environment. From wardrobe staples like jeans and tees to stylish outwear pieces like blazers and coats, Pact provides you with a wide range of fashionable, affordable options because they know you care about both style and doing good for the environment.

5. Bonobos


A men's fashion brand that does offer you a versatile range of price-friendly and high-quality clothing without restricting your style. Starting as an online-only brand that sold men's pants that actually fit well, Bonobos has now expanded a hand to offer a full range of men's clothing, including shirts, suits, and accessories, all while being head steady on the functional and adaptable style statements they offer.

Unlike fast fashion brands, Bonobos focuses on its multifaceted pieces made of premium fabrics that are meant to actually last for a long time. Being yet another brand on the list whose clothes are meant to be mixed and matched allows you to create your own unique looks. While Bonobos is not the most budget-friendly brand, their clothing is reasonably priced for the quality, and offers frequent sales that make their pieces even more affordable.


No matter what kind of wardrobe staples you need—from slim-fit chinos and cozy hoodies to warm sweaters and crisp oxford shirts—you'll be sure to find something perfect with any one (or all!) of these affordable menswear brands. Thanks to these and other such brands, you can buy your favorite fits, providing valuable and quality clothing without hampering your pockets or compromising your chances of being on the trend wagon. So you no longer have to worry about spending too much money on your wardrobe; you can now stay stylish without breaking the bank!

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