Get Rid of Fruit Flies with these 5 Simple Remedies

Get Rid of Fruit Flies with these 5 Simple Remedies

You must have noticed those small flies around your fruit basket, and you might be probably thinking, what are these, and where do they come from? We often think that fruit flies appear in our kitchen out of nowhere, but very soon, it becomes a headache for us to get rid of them.

These flies are drawn towards rotted or decayed fruits and vegetables or the trash bins in our kitchen. Their ability to multiply rapidly makes them a common kitchen nuisance. However, this blog will explore effective and practical methods to eliminate fruit flies from your living spaces.

What are Fruit Flies?

A fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) is a species of common housefly. They are small in size and have red eyes with brown bodies. Fruit flies are known to spread bacteria and other parasites. Despite their tiny size, they reproduce rapidly in a very short time. They directly lay eggs on the decayed produce or unclean areas. A fruit fly can lay up to 2,000 eggs, turning into adult fruit flies within 2 days.

What Attracts Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are attracted to ripe and decaying fruits, vegetables, and sugary substances, making them difficult to avoid, especially during warmer months. They also breed in garbage disposals, drains, fermented items like beer and wine, open bottles of juices, cleaning mops, and trash cans. They are mainly drawn to moist environments and food waste.

Try these 5 Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

From simple homemade traps to store-bought solutions, here are 5 effective strategies to regain control over your home. Say goodbye to fruit fly infestations as we explore the best ways to combat them and maintain a fruit fly-free environment at your home.

1. The Vinegar Trap

The Vinegar Trap
  • Create a vinegar trap by placing apple cider vinegar in a small bowl or jar and adding a drop of dish soap.

  • Cover it with plastic wrap and secure it with an elastic band. Poke small holes in the wrap.

  • Place the trap near the fruit fly-infested area. Fruit flies will get attracted to the vinegar and soap mixture and get trapped inside.

  • Empty and replace the trap as needed until the fruit flies are gone.

2. Sugar and Dish Soap Trap

Sugar and Dish Soap Trap
  • Make a sugar and dish soap trap by mixing equivalent parts of sugar and water in a bowl or jar and adding a few drops of dish soap.

  • Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves. Fruit flies will get attracted to the sweet scent but will get trapped by the soapy solution.

  • Place the trap near the fruit fly-infested area and replace it as needed. Alternatively, use a ripe banana peel in a jar and cover the opening side with plastic wrap, securing it with a rubber band.

  • Poke small holes in the wrap to trap the fruit flies.

3. Bottle Trap

Bottle Trap
  • Make a red wine trap by leaving out an open bottle of red wine with a little liquid left at the bottom.

  • Fruit flies will be attracted to the aroma but will drown in the wine.

  • Seal the bowl with plastic wrap and poke small holes. The fruit will lure the fruit flies but get trapped in the vinegar.

  • Replace the trap regularly until fruit flies are gone.

4. Homemade Lemongrass Spray

Homemade Lemongrass Spray
  • Fill the spray bottle with distilled water, leaving some space at the top.

  • Add 10-15 drops of lemongrass essential oil to the water. Close the bottle and shake well to combine the ingredients.

  • Identify areas with fruit fly activity, such as around fruit bowls or near garbage cans.

  • Spray the lemongrass oil spray directly onto the fruit flies whenever you see them.

  • Lemongrass oil acts as a natural repellent and will deter fruit flies from the area.

  • Repeat as needed and continue using the spray to keep fruit flies away.

5. Use a Store-bought Spray

Use a Store-bought Spray
  • Purchase a store-bought fruit fly spray from a retailer or online store.

  • Shake the bottle well before using it.

  • Identify areas with fruit fly activity, such as around fruit bowls or garbage cans.

  • Spray the product directly onto fruit flies whenever you see them, ensuring thorough coverage.

  • Follow the instructions on the product for the frequency of use to control fruit flies effectively.

Prevention for Infestation:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and tidy, wiping down surfaces regularly.

  • Store fruits and veggies in the refrigerator or sealed containers.

  • Disposal of overripe or rotting fruits and vegetables promptly.

  • Empty and clean trash cans frequently.

  • Use screens on windows and doors to stop fruit flies from entering.


We have explored various helpful methods to eliminate fruit flies and maintain a fly-free haven in our living spaces. From simple homemade traps to convenient store-bought solutions, each approach offers unique benefits that can be tailored to fit our individual needs.

By embracing a clean and tidy living space, practicing fruit fly prevention methods, and implementing homemade and store-bought remedies, we can create a fly-free surrounding where we can enjoy our fresh fruits and vegetables without unwanted guests.

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