9 Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover

9 Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover

We’ve known it since we were kids—there's nothing quite as fun as a party that stretches joyously from dusk till dawn. If you’re the one who is looking to host a memorable event, whether it's a kid's party or a laid-back weekend night, there are countless creative twists that you can do to make your sleepover night memorable.

Who doesn’t like tucking all night in comfy silk pajamas, wearing cozy slippers, and wearing a face mask while watching timeless movie classics like When Harry Met Sally? Let's not overlook the delight experienced by children, teenagers, and adults alike as they wake up the next morning to indulge in the bliss of breakfast in bed, shared with dear friends.

Given this year's trend of staying in rather than going out, sleepovers have become the new go-to for gatherings. So, relax, laugh, and enjoy the company with these 9 fun things you can do at a sleepover.

1. Play “Celebrity”

Play “Celebrity”

Get ready for a unique twist on Charades! Each player writes down the name of a celebrity (real, fictional, or historical) and tosses it into a bowl. During the first round, players can say anything except for the actual celebrity's name to help their teammates guess who's on the paper.

In the second round, the same names return to the bowl, but this time, players are restricted to using only one word. Finally, in the last round, the names are back in the bowl, and the challenge is to act them out like classic charades. As the players improve, you can add more names to the bowl for even more fun and excitement!

2. Nail Art is the New Trend!

Nail Art is the New Trend!

Take your usual manicure/pedicure session to the next level by adding a fun twist with a game of "Spin the bottle." Gather a variety of unique nail polish colors and have everyone sit in a circle.

Place the bottle of polish in the center and give it a spin. When it stops, the person it points to must paint their nails with that color. Paint only one nail with that color for an extra dose of laughter, resulting in a hilarious manicure by the end of the game! It can be an entertaining activity, especially for a girl's sleepover.

3. Enjoy Pampering Spa Treatments at Home

Enjoy Pampering Spa Treatments at Home

Browse a collection of all-natural face masks and scrubs that have been carefully created and can be used in the comfort of your own home. Dive into the world of DIY masks and scrubs for various skin issues, such as redness, oily skin, and dryness.

Look into the many sheet masks available at your local chemist for those wanting simplicity. These effective solutions will charm your skincare routine, adding a pinch of glam with some fun gossip.

4. Decorate Cupcakes or Ice cream Sundaes

Decorate Cupcakes or Ice cream Sundaes

Create a delightful dessert bar with various options for a late-night treat by serving plain cupcakes and a selection of ice cream flavors. Enhance your cupcakes with a delightful array of frosting options, and elevate your ice cream experience with an assortment of delectable syrups.

Complete the decorations with delectable toppings: nuts, sprinkles, candy pieces, crumbled cookies, cherries, brownie bits, and more. The creativity is truly limitless!

5. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Get rid of those temporary tattoos that require a sponge and water to apply! Put on your crew with fashionable temporary tattoos and the one you always wanted. Bring out your inner artist by indulging in a tattoo session with friends or your loved one that won’t be a regret!

You can find some amazing temporary tattoo kits on the internet with stencils to channel your artistry. Having a temporary tattoo session can add a touch of fun and excitement to your sleepover night. It's an engaging and enjoyable activity that everyone can participate in and create lasting memories.

6. Have a Jenga tournament

Have a Jenga tournament

Tingle your imagination to make Jenga into a fascinating game that is more than just balancing blocks. All you have to do is take a marker and write the truth or dare tasks like "Do 10 jumping jacks" on separate blocks.

You can also put multiplication questions for the puller to solve to add a twist of math practice or write song titles on each block for a burst of fun, kindling an impromptu karaoke party. Let your creativity run wild and turn Jenga into an extremely fun game.

7. Set up a Pillowcase Station

Set up a Pillowcase Station

Here is the gateway to art therapy; gather a couple of plain white pillowcases and a packet of vibrant fabric markers. Make sure to have plenty of space to create your own artwork. Remember to let the pillowcases dry completely before settling in for a relaxed sleep.

Setting up a fun-filled pillowcase station can be a fantastic activity for organizing a memorable sleepover with children and siblings. You can encourage creativity and bonding as they design and personalize their pillowcases.

8. Host a Home Fashion Show

Host a Home Fashion Show

Inviting your guests and asking them to bring a selection of their favorite wardrobe pieces to share and borrow is a unique idea. Then, arrange a runway with beautiful lights, carpet, and funky stuff.

You can also arrange prizes like the "Most Creative Ensemble." That would add more spice to the ramp. Also, remember to create an epic playlist! It could be a great activity if you’re circle loves to be in style.

9. Binge Watch a Movie/TV Show

 Binge Watch a Movie/TV Show

If you and your friends are all fans of the same movie or TV show, this is the perfect opportunity to plan a memorable night together. Get everyone's input and create a curated list of your all-time favorite episodes from the series. Stock up on delicious snacks, drinks, and cozy blankets to make your binge-watch night party even more enjoyable.

As the night unfolds, you can immerse yourselves in the world of your beloved characters, sharing laughter and joy that will create lasting memories. So why wait? Gather your friends, dim the lights, and embark on an unforgettable cinematic adventure that will bring you all closer than ever.


Sleepovers can be a good time to bond and cherish your relationship with friends, family, or even kids—creating lasting memories. These 9 activities mentioned above will make sure you have a blast in a creative, unique and engaging way. So, mark some activities off this list next time you plan a sleepover night.

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