Best White Elephant Gifts Under $30 for your Next Party

Best White Elephant Gifts Under $30 for your Next Party

It’s the season of holiday parties! A fun holiday party isn’t complete without a round of white elephant gift exchange. Also known as ‘Dirty Santa,’ the white elephant tradition involves exchanging and swapping amusing and impractical gifts . The motive of the tradition is to have fun with your friends, more than gifting thoughtful presents to one another. However, there is more to these gifts apart from amusement. You are competing to bring the best White Elephant present to start trade wars for your gift at the party.

The list comprises gender-neutral presents that can be wrapped for both work parties or a casual night out with your friends and family. White elephant gifts need not be too expensive, as it's just a fun party game. All gifts in this article are affordable and come under $30. If you haven’t had time to plan for your gift this year or are looking for inspiration, let us do that work for you. It's time to get creative with these 12 best white elephant gifts you can buy for your next holiday party.

1. Retro Video Console Game

Retro Video Console Game

This retro console evokes nostalgia; imagine your friends trying to get their hands on it! This video console game has 800 built-in games and a 3-inch HD screen that can also be connected to a TV. Challenge your friends to a classic arcade game, and you are set for the evening.

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2. Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Penguin Cocktail Shaker

This fancy cocktail shaker will be the star of your happy hours. The quirky design will look sleek on the bar cart and can serve 3-4 servings of cocktails at a time. People will be dying to swap their gifts for this cute penguin shaker.

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3. Unicorn Taco and Snack Holder

Unicorn Taco and Snack Holder

The unicorn snack holder is a fun way for your friends to enjoy snacking for the evening, eating out of the unicorn’s back. The snack holder can hold tacos, sandwiches, chips, waffles, and so much more. We’re sure at least one unicorn enthusiast will be at the party.

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4. Movie-night Snack Set

Movie-night Snack Set

This movie-night snack set is full of everything you need to enjoy a perfect movie plan. It has candies, snacks, and popcorn to keep you indulged throughout the picture. The mass appeal of this gift will make it an instant hit amongst your friends.

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5. You Laugh You Drink Cards

You Laugh You Drink Cards

If you’re looking for fun ways to get drunk and enjoy your evening, this card game is a perfect party gift. We know it’s difficult to keep a straight face when sitting with your best friends and watching them try to make you laugh. The cards have funny tasks that will set the mood for the party.

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6. Swiftie Coffee Mug

Swiftie Coffee Mug

Very few people will argue about the popularity of Taylor Swift and her loyal fanbase. If you know any Swifties attending the party, bring this beautiful two-tone Swiftie cup for the White Elephant and see them go crazy. Even if they’re not a die-hard fan, everybody loves a good mug for coffee.

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7. Baby Groot Decorative Planter

Baby Groot Decorative Planter

Some might find it creepy, while others will say it’s adorable. A perfect white elephant gift, isn’t it? Use this planter to grow flowers and succulents, or place it as a pen pot on your desk. Gift this detailed Guardians of the Galaxy cutie, and you’ll be the one with a thoughtful present.

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8. Drunken Tower

Drunken Tower

Drunken Tower is a fun adult game with a twist on the classic. You get 60 wooden blocks with different commands written upon them. Stack and build your tower, and follow the instructions on the fallen block if you fail. This house party game even comes with glasses for shots, so it sets you up for an all-nighter.

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9. Misfortune Cookies

Misfortune Cookies

We all love to crack open a fortune cookie to see what our destiny awaits. These misfortune cookies are a fun twist to that. They will satisfy your sweet tooth but not sugarcoat your future. Each cookie contains a witty phrase or an outrageous prediction written by professional comedians, which leaves everyone laughing. It’s time to inject some dark humor into your party.

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10. Cheese Candles

Cheese Candles

These cute scented candles are excellent creative items to have in your home. They are not only practical and long-lasting but also a fantastic decor option. Get ready to watch fully grown adults fight over this little block of aromatic candles at the gift exchanges.

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11. Unique Ice Trays

Unique Ice Trays

Buying a present that everybody would love can be done with little money or exploring. Get these unique ice trays that will make your drinks more fun. You can not only refrigerate and make ice but also prepare chocolates, jellies, pudding, and more using these molds. This is a chance to get creative and serve puppy-themed snacks at your party!

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12. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Aren’t lightsaber chopsticks a cool way to end this list? Everybody at the White Elephant exchange will be eyeing these glowing sticks. Going beyond boring bamboo sticks, enjoy your favorite Sushi or Fried noodles in style, making your friends green in envy.

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In conclusion, finding the best White Elephant present is easy without breaking the bank. Depending upon the event and the crowd, you can add your touch of humor and creativity to the items on the list and create the perfect party present. Whatever you choose, these budget-friendly options will bring smiles and fun moments to your gatherings. After all, what’s a party without a little laughter?

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