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Best Days to Book Flight Tickets for Maximum Savings

Best Days to Book Flight Tickets for Maximum Savings

You might be wondering which is the best day of the week to buy airline tickets or when is the best time to book a flight. Well, there are many opinions about it across the internet. It depends on the demand and differs from waiting for a certain day because the price fluctuates. This might have left you wondering, what are the best days to buy airline tickets at the best price? And how do you get a great deal at a low cost?

The popular stereotype suggests that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book the best airline deals, and while there is some truth to it, the reality is a bit more nuanced. Let us share our insights on the best days to purchase airline tickets, ensuring you maximize your savings while traveling.

What is the Best Day to Book a Flight?

Book a Flight

The best day or week to book a flight is not fixed; it depends on the daily deals and offers available. Flight prices fluctuate depending on the demand. Sometimes, airlines offer discounts depending on the sales they have made that month or week. However, websites like Skyscanner allow you to find the best prices on different flight booking websites. It may also depend on which airline provider you choose.

Average Airfare for Domestic Flights

Domestic Flights

The data that we analyzed from Google Flights shows that traveling on weekdays is much cheaper than on weekends, as a flight taken from Los Angeles to California on weekdays is $87. Still, it is $93 on the weekends, which also differs from where you travel. If you are flying from the U.S. for a domestic flight, consider booking your tickets midweek, like Tuesday and Wednesday. For economy tickets from Los Angeles to California, on Tuesday, it showed $43; on Sunday, it increased by $64, saving $ 21 for you.

Average Airfare for International Flights

International Flights

For the international flights flying on Wednesday and Thursday, you can get a cheap offer on your tickets. For instance, flying off from LA to Europe on a Thursday, the price was $283; on Sunday, it was $304, a sudden rise in the rates. There isn’t a huge price difference, but you still save up to $21, so booking your tickets on Wednesday is cheaper compared to Sundays.

Pro tip:
  • Avoid the Sunday rush by booking your flight tickets on Saturday or Monday;

  • Avoid waiting in lines! Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your domestic and 3 hours before commencing your international trip.

How to Book Emergency Flight Tickets?

Emergency Flight

Do you suddenly have to go on an unplanned business meeting, or has a sudden family emergency knocked on your doors? Well, some events occur without any notice, and though they're instant, a last-moment tip can save your day. Again, websites like Skyscanner come in handy while booking emergency flight tickets. Skyscanner helps you find cheap flight deals across different booking websites and lets you set price alerts. And you can always choose the airline that matches your budget in urgent situations.

Pro tip:
  • Set alerts to book as soon as the price drops;

  • Choose a non-stop option rather than connecting flights, which may cause unexpected delays.

Should We Consider Booking a Flight in Advance?

Flight in Advance

Yes! Why not? Booking months in advance, usually 1-2, is a good option for people who are going on planned holidays or trips; however, it is not possible for people going on emergency trips. Booking flight tickets in advance is a better option, considering that flights can get canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions, and booking at the last moment can be expensive. Booking in advance lets you save money and book your preferred seat.

Important Travel Tips:

  • Stay prepared for any flight delays or cancellations;

  • Rebook the flight ticket if you find it at a more affordable rate;

  • Avoid peak-time travel;

  • You can also choose flexible tickets, allowing you to modify your flights at the end moment;

  • Check for any discounts before you buy airline tickets.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks, you can start booking your flight tickets. Remember all these simple steps, from understanding the best days to booking tickets. Considering the timing of your travel and grabbing the best deals by setting Google alerts and using many other sites to check the price and get the best deal possible. So book a flight and start preparing for your next travel. Bon voyage!

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