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Why Travel Insurance is a Must for International Trips

Why Travel Insurance is a Must for International Trips

Traveling is easily one of the best, most satisfying things one can do. Whether for a vacation or work, the thought of exploring and visiting a new place always creates excitement in one's mind. But have you ever wondered what could go wrong during the trip? What if you arrive at your destination and discover your luggage has been misplaced? What if you find out that your flight is canceled?

The simple answer to all these questions is travel insurance. Many travelers often opt not to purchase travel insurance. Not purchasing travel insurance will result in the loss of the travelers themselves. If you're traveling abroad or within the country, purchasing travel insurance is essential as it could benefit the traveler in many ways. In case you need to know why you need to purchase travel insurance, here are some reasons why you need to do so.

1. Covers Medical Emergencies

Covers Medical Emergencies

One of the many advantages of travel insurance is that it covers all medical treatments of the traveler up to a certain limit. This policy does not distinguish between the various types of medical emergencies. It could be any accidental treatment or medical assistance. According to the policy, it will reimburse the cost up to a certain limit.

These policies have a list of network hospitals where you can avail of these medical facilities. These hospitals allow the process of a cashless method. Imagine you go on a trip and, due to some uncertainties, you have to undergo medical issues—travel insurance can be a savior at such times.

2. Misplacement of Luggage

Misplacement of Luggage

Many times, due to carelessness by you or the airport authorities, you may misplace your baggage. Misplacement of luggage often happens when your flight gets canceled or delayed. Travel insurance covers this as well for you. You need not have to worry because everything will be covered.

The travel insurance policy covers everything necessary until you reclaim your luggage. Your personal belongings won't be covered, but this won't affect your travel agenda. If your luggage gets misplaced by chance, purchasing travel insurance will ensure hassle-free travel wherever you go.

3. Cancelation of a Trip

Cancelation of a Trip

Due to some uncertainties or problems, you will have to cancel your travel plans. But you need not have to worry as travel insurance covers you. Travel Insurance allows you to reimburse all the non-refundable trip expenses, which helps you to get your expenses back.

It's critical to review the policy's list of covered causes for trip cancellation or interruption, as different insurance companies may have different standards. Common reasons why trip cancelations occur are mostly due to unforeseen circumstances, and travel insurance will definitely come to your rescue.

4. When You Miss a Connecting Flight

When You Miss a Connecting Flight

In modern times, travelers choose to secure their hotel bookings and cover travel expenses in advance to mitigate any unforeseen inconveniences. Whether faced with a flight delay or running late to the boarding gate, travel insurance ensures your peace of mind and safeguards your journey.

Travel insurance has multiple perks, such as 24/7 travel assistance, coverage for all travel expenses, and reimbursement for any additional purchases made. When you miss your connecting flight, you can call the airline ground staff to get the necessary assistance.

5. Extending a Trip in Case of an Emergency

Extending a Trip in Case of an Emergency

Due to certain circumstances, you may have to stay longer than required. This may be due to multiple reasons, such as medical reasons, an emergency, or natural calamities. Due to any such reason, you might have to extend your stay in a foreign country.

Being stuck in a foreign country due to any situation, you can make use of the emergency trip extension cover to cover all expenses and trip costs. Knowing all your trip expenses are covered can provide peace of mind in a foreign land.


To summarize, travel insurance is required for international journeys due to the unpredictable nature of travel and the potential risks involved. Travel insurance eliminates the need for worry, as it covers all your travel expenses and provides necessary support in case of unforeseen circumstances while abroad. This can include trip cancellation, lost luggage, an extension of a trip, and mainly medical emergencies.

If you ever have second thoughts about purchasing travel insurance, it is best to do so. This could be very beneficial for you and for your family or your travel companion traveling with you.

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