7 Classic Movies to Watch this Christmas Season

7 Classic Movies to Watch this Christmas Season

Ah, the season of twinkling lights and carol songs; Christmas holidays are a feeling we all wish would last an entire year. But since that’s not possible, we have Christmas movies to continue the Christmas spirit. More than just a form of entertainment, these movies are masterpieces that transport us to winter wonderland and bring a wave of nostalgia . The feeling of cozying up on your favorite couch in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa and binge-watching Christmas classics is second to none.

If your idea of the perfect Christmas sounds somewhat similar, we’ve got you covered on the movies part. From timeless tales of redemption to tear-jerking comedies, be prepared for cinematic delights and surprises. Each movie has a unique, heartwarming vibe to it. It’s like unwrapping a different present every time under the Christmas lights. Let’s embark on a cinematic sleigh with our 7 (in no particular order) best Christmas movies on popular OTT platforms.

1. Home Alone, 1990

Home Alone, 1990

This movie needs no introduction. The holiday classic follows an 8-year-old prankster, Kevin, who is mistakenly left behind while his family goes on a Christmas trip to Paris. Kevin thinks he’s got his freedom until two burglars decide to break in, following a series of pranks, hijinks, and comedy as the boy defends his home.

The film beautifully captures the raw innocence and notoriety of a kid. It takes us back to when we enjoyed our childhood holidays when the house was full of sweets and presents, no school, and laughter all around. You will enjoy this movie any time of the year.

Where to watch: Apple TV

2. Elf, 2003

Elf, 2003

If we were to describe the Elf movie in one word, it would be Zest. The movie is about Buddy, an oversized elf, and his journey to New York City to find his biological father as he navigates through the big city, far from his home at the North Pole.

The innocence of overly-enthusiast Buddy trying to fit into the unfamiliar city brings chaos and confusion, making this movie fun to watch. Buddy’s story is full of optimism and unflinching love for the elf culture, spreading joy and Christmas cheer wherever he goes. Watch this movie with the kids, and you’ll have them glued to the screen.

Where to watch: Hulu

3. A Christmas Story, 1983

A Christmas Story, 1983

The movie is a comedic tale of Ralphie Parker that will take you to the days of your childhood, to the months leading up to the holiday season. Ralphie wants a Christmas present, and not an ordinary Christmas present, but an official Red Ryder 200-shot range model air rifle, and spends an entire month trying to convince his parents.

Every scene in the movie is blessed with Ralphie’s innocent and adorable mishaps and accidents, along with healthy doses of laughter and nostalgia. The narration is very observant of the details of family traditions and old-school settings, making this movie one of the Christmas classics.

Where to watch:Amazon Prime Video

4. Die Hard, 1998

Die Hard, 1998

You are not a true Die Hard fan if you do not hear “Yippee-ki-yay” in your mind when somebody mentions the best Christmas movies with action. The story revolves around John McClane, an NYPD cop, who finds himself trapped in a building with German terrorists while visiting his family for Christmas, and, of course, Alan Rickman as the villain Hans Gruber.

Apart from top-notch dialogues and edge-of-the-seat action, the movie is also about John’s touching relationship with his family as they reconnect over the holidays, as the chaos strengthens their bond. You will never find a dull moment in this film.

Where to watch:Hulu

5. Bad Santa, 2003

Bad Santa, 2003

Crime is rarely a theme covered under the genre of Christmas movies. However, this Christmas classic pushes the limit of what to expect from a holiday movie, with amazing individual performances and a sweet redemption story.

Conman Willie and his helper Marcus dress as Santa and an elf every year and rob shopping malls. Their plan goes south one Christmas when they form an unlikely friendship with a troubled 8-year-old kid. You will find rooting for the anti-hero Willie after learning his emotional back-story and attempts to get acceptance and a fresh start.

Where to watch:Paramount+

6. The Christmas Chronicles, 2018

The Christmas Chronicles, 2018

The Christmas Chronicles is a great option if you have already ticked off all the holiday classics and want to try a more recent movie. The story is about a kid named Kate who firmly believes she can capture Santa on a video. Their dream comes true when Kate and her brother Teddy embark on an adventure with Santa Claus when a mission goes awry.

The tale highlights the beautiful relationship between the siblings and how they stay strong for each other after their father’s death. The movie is a perfect way to spend Christmas with your kids, as they will fall in love with the setting and the storyline of the film, as well as a modern, refined Santa Claus.

Where to watch:Netflix

7. It’s A Wonderful Life, 1948

It’s A Wonderful Life, 1948

Without It's A Wonderful Life, no list of best Christmas movies is complete. The movie is a funny and heartwarming reminder that life is full of hope, especially in the dull moments. It tells us that festivals should be more about people, and nobody should be left behind.

George Bailey, a discouraged loan manager, while contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve, is visited by an angel, who shows how different the world would be if he were never born. The cinematography and acting do justice to the profound theme that every single life is important and of value. This masterpiece will certainly leave you with fresh perspectives on life.

Where to watch:PLEX or Amazon Prime Video

Christmas is a great time to unwind, sit back, and enjoy classic movies that capture the spirit of the festivities with your loved ones. Whether you find yourself lost in the Christmas wonderlands or wrapped in heartwarming tales of love and hope, these 7 movies are a treat. Full of rich storylines and incredible acting, we call them the classics for a reason. Popular streaming platforms are full of such recommendations. Just log in, get a tub of popcorn, and make your holidays worthwhile. Happy Christmas!

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