Jason Mraz Opens Up On ‘Shame,’ ‘Guilt’ And Queer Identity

Jason Mraz Opens Up On ‘Shame,’ ‘Guilt’ And Queer Identity

The ‘I’m Yours’ singer Mraz came out as bisexual in 2018—right after being married to Christina Carano. Jason Mraz, the Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, has not always been open about his journey toward self-discovery and acceptance. In an interview with Billboard, he said that he had sexual experiences with men even when he was married to Carano, and he doubted himself to be gay. Still, the wife persisted in him to be a ‘two-spirit man’—a native American term for the person who loves both the standard genders— men and women.

Mraz, who identifies as bisexual, revealed that he struggled with feelings of shame and guilt when he first started to understand his sexuality. Growing up in a conservative community, Mraz was conditioned to believe that being queer was wrong and something to be ashamed of. As a result, he tried to suppress those feelings and even got married to Christina, whom he dated once.

However, as Mraz's music career took off and he started touring the world, he had the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. This exposure made him realize that there was nothing wrong with being queer and that he didn't have to hide or feel guilty about his true self.

Jason Mraz

In the interview, Mraz also spoke about how his ex-wife played a crucial role in helping him accept his identity. He shared that Carano was the first person he came out to, as he cheated on her. Further, he justified that he hooked up with a guy, and the odds are that he might as well have hooked up with a girl, too, and supported his statement by claiming it as a spontaneous act. In response to this, Christina was still quite supportive, and this unconditional love from his partner gave Mraz the courage to embrace his true self and come out publicly.

Mraz's journey towards self-acceptance eventually led to the end of his marriage. For which he is guilty and ashamed. But, he sees it as a necessary step towards living an authentic and fulfilling life. Mraz's latest album, "Look For The Good," reflects this journey and celebrates themes of inclusivity, love, and acceptance.

Jason Mraz

Jason also revealed how his competing in the 32nd season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ helped him in his journey of self-acceptance and healing. Which eventually helped him gain a lot of confidence in who he was.

Mraz hopes to inspire others struggling with their identities through his music and personal story. He wants to break the stigma and shame surrounding being queer and encourage others to embrace their true selves without fear or guilt.

In a time when LGBTQ+ rights are still being fought for worldwide, it's refreshing to see someone like Mraz using his platform to speak out and spread awareness about acceptance and love. His honesty and vulnerability in sharing his journey will resonate with many and, hopefully, help others in their journeys towards self-acceptance.

As Mraz continues to use his music as a platform for social change, we can all learn from his message of love, inclusivity, and acceptance. Let us celebrate the diversity within our communities and embrace each other's differences without shame or guilt. As Mraz sings in his song, "Love is still the answer," Let's join hands and spread love and acceptance together.

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