5 Easy Fresh Herbs to Grow Indoors

5 Easy Fresh Herbs to Grow Indoors

Have you ever wondered about a meal without herbs? Quite apparent for your mind to scream "bland’’ as it adds a cluster of flavours to your meal, making you struggle to have another bite; additionally, they will look after your fit check. However, it's well known to many that even herbs are not safe from adulteration.

If you, too, are wondering what shall be done in such a situation, look no further and start digging the hole today; that means start planting them in the little spaces you have at home.

You need not be a gardener; all you need to do is to dirty your hands, save some pennies, indulge in the exquisite flavours and choose a herb to plant because the rest of the hassle will be looked after with the help of this blog. Here are the five fresh herbs you can start planting indoors today.

1. Parsley


Adding parsley to your kitchen garden is a wise choice as it is a versatile herb that can enhance your favourite dishes' flavour, colour, and nutrition. Growing parsley at home is a fun and easy way to have a steady supply of this delicious, nutritious herb. For planting parsley, you can purchase seedlings or start from seeds right in your own kitchen.

To help your plant grow successfully, you'll require potting soil to sow parsley seeds in a shallow pot with good drainage and sufficient natural or artificial light. Water lightly but regularly, and make sure the soil stays moist but never soggy. After a few weeks, your parsley should be ready to harvest!

Harvesting parsley and storing it is essential to ensure a bountiful supply throughout the year. Remember, the more you harvest, the more your bounty grows! So next time you plan to cook pesto pasta at home, we have covered you with at least one ingredient.

2. Mint


Adding mint to anything would make the dish or drink super delicious and aromatic. Have you ever thought about planting a herb that also contains nutrients that help boost your immune system and reduce stress levels? Growing mint at home is a simple and delightful addition to your garden. Planting it in a pot or container is recommended to prevent its invasive nature. High-quality soil and ample drainage holes are essential to avoid waterlogging.

To ensure the health of your container plants, find a spot with plenty of sunlight for sufficient hours a day and be sure to water them adequately without overdoing it. Pinch them back or cut them as you desire when small leaves start to appear to encourage growth. Mint is an incredibly rewarding plant to grow at home, producing aromatic foliage that can be used fresh or dried in various dishes and beverages.

In future, if you ever plan to prepare lime water randomly, do not forget to pinch a few leaves of mints from your favourite kitchen garden, which would only enhance the flavour and add aroma to an already delicious drink.

3. Rosemary


In addition to enhancing the flavour of your food, rosemary is a highly advantageous herb that also has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal qualities. Growing rosemary at home is a simple yet fulfilling experience. You can create fragrant and flavorful plants with high-quality seeds that bring a touch of culinary magic to your kitchen.

Before planting, ensure a suitable soil temperature and ph levels in a pot or garden bed. You can even lay the seeds on the surface and cover them lightly with soil. To keep the plant healthy, make sure. Water the plant frequently, but don't water it too much. As your rosemary begins to grow, prune any thin stems to encourage bushier growth.

Additionally, give your plants occasional organic fertiliser feedings to keep them growing strong. With patience and care, you'll soon have a richly aromatic rosemary bush that will elevate your culinary creations to the next level.

4. Oregano


Apple of everyone's eye, oregano is irreplaceable for many good reasons. Especially, Italian cuisine without oregano is like a beach without sand. While adding oregano to the puree of the pizza, if you tend to come close to the pan just to inhale its aroma, you are not weird; it's just the magic of oregano that compels you to do so.

Planting oregano at home is a wonderful way to have fresh herbs for all your favourite dishes. It's an easy herb to grow indoors and thrives under bright light and warm temperatures. When harvesting, take care to sow the seeds while considering ample drainage for watering on a schedule. It's important to note that oregano is partial to slightly acidic or neutral soil.

For healthy and pest-free oregano, ensure you don't overwater and promote good air circulation. Regular harvesting keeps the flavour fresh and encourages further growth. Oregano growing is the perfect herb for indoor gardening by using garden soil, making it accessible for year-round culinary use.

5. Basil


We are all well aware of basil plants- the classic showstopper that we need for all our impromptu Margarita pizza evening plans. Ever given a thought to growing basil indoors? You will be surprised to know of its benefits, as it not only contains calcium but also improves digestion, to mention a few of them. Indeed, it is a delicious and low-maintenance herb that's perfect for your indoor growing.

The growth process remains the same, from sowing to watering it daily just as much as needed, thus making it a draining soil. Ensure it receives full sun and plenty of light in direct sunlight throughout the day, indoors or outdoors, using alkaline soil or acid soil. If you notice flowers forming on the plant, remove them to promote more leafy growth and prevent premature seeding.

Trimming your plants periodically is also recommended if you're growing several plants to keep them from becoming too tall or unruly. You can simply grow fresh, delicious basil to complement your favourite dishes with little effort.


Now that you know how easily these herbs can be grown at home, next time, you need not create a nuisance about going downstairs to buy parsley or mint leaves. We have clearly set you up for your next cosy evening meal plan with friends and family. All that needs to be done now is to buy a gardening tool today if you do not have one already. Now that you know so much about herbs, you might as well shop for peat moss, a pot and everything required to grow the plant today. Start planting today so that you do not have to hurry downstairs tomorrow.

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