5 Ways On How To See Who Has Blocked You On Instagram

5 Ways On How To See Who Has Blocked You On Instagram

Are you trying to reach out to a person on Instagram but cannot get in touch with them? Are you wondering if they have disappeared, leaving no hints for you to guess? If you relate to this, there are two reasons for this. One is that they have deactivated or simply deleted their account forever, or the other is that they have blocked you on Instagram.

1. Search them on Instagram
Search them on Instagram

The very first thing you can do is take the basic step of searching their profile online on Instagram before we make any haywire conclusions. Here is how:

  • Public account with visible posts: If their Instagram profile is public and you can browse through their posts and stories, then, voila, you are not blocked.

  • Private account: If their profile is private and has a message saying, "This account is private," then you have not been blocked. You can reach out to them and slide into their DM to check how they are doing. Then, you can wait for a reply to strike up a conversation.

  • Public account with no posts: If you can see their profile and the number of posted posts, but you can't see the photos on the display section and see a message that says "No posts yet," then there are high chances of them stopping you from viewing their feed.

  • Deactivated or deleted account: If you can't find a single spot on their account even after searching for them, it means they have deleted or probably deactivated their account.

This is probably one of the quickest ways to learn whether we have been blocked or not. But don't lose hope here. There are many more ways to how to see who has blocked you on Instagram.

2. Old is Gold
Old is Gold

Dig out your past messages with the potential person, or else check for any likes or comments that they have garnered on your posts. Track all your photos from your feed, and look out for any engaging activities that they have done on your profile. You can do so by:

  • Slide into the DMs: If their profile is visible and the text message looks like "user not found" and "no posts yet" are visible instead of their photos on display, then that means the person has blocked you. This trick only works if you have had a conversation with them before on messages.

  • Visit your own profile: Walk through the gallery of beautiful images and your aesthetic grid, and try looking for likes or comments that they have left behind on your posts. If you can find one, click on the person's username and open their profile. If you can see the count of their photos but cannot see their posts, unfortunately, yes, you have been blocked by the person.

3. Search on a Browser
Search on a Browser

You can search for any Instagram user on the internet by simply replacing the word username with the person's Instagram handle name, such as You can check whether they have crumbled their presence from Instagram or you have been blocked. Now, when you search for them using this link and the result is "This page isn't available," then there are high chances of them deleting their account or blocking you.

4. Click the Follow Button
Click the Follow Button

You might feel at a complete loss, and might just want to give up of not knowing what holds true. But, try giving this a chance. If you can still visibly see their profile when you search for them, try giving them a follow request or start following them.

Click the blue follow button link to see if the request goes forward. If the blue button remains as it is and you don't see any difference even after multiple attempts, then they have blocked you.

5. Open New Doors

There is always room for new opportunities to try out. If the universe closes one door, try new ways to reach your end goal by opting for new means and ways.

This is one of the most sought after and easiest way you can search for the real answer. Try to search for them online with a different account. Ask your close friend to lend you their phone for a minute. If you can access their profile easily and your follow request passes the hurdles, and you can see the posts on their feed, then, unfortunately, you have been blocked.

Don't get disheartened just now. What if they blocked you? That doesn't mean that your world is coming to an end. There can be some unresolved issues, misunderstandings, and miscommunication that need more refinement. You can always reach out to them by calling them up or asking your friends to connect you with them. Remember, there's always hope for resolution.

All in all, if you ever encounter a situation where they block you on Instagram, we genuinely hope that the matters are resolved and you get back on good terms with each other. Meanwhile, you can try how to see who blocked you on Instagram with these easy-to-follow steps.

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