Pinterest's 2024 Trend Predictions: Be Ahead of the Game!

Pinterest's 2024 Trend Predictions: Be Ahead of the Game!

Are you curious about what's hot and happening next year? Pinterest has got the answer you have been waiting for. This amazing platform, where people pin their favorite ideas and inspirations, has unveiled its predictions for 2024 trends. With millions of users worldwide, Pinterest is your one-stop shop for discovering trendy DIY projects , recipes , home decor , and so much more.

Think of 2024 as a giant pinboard just waiting to be filled with the colorful pins of Pinterest trends. Forget boring resolutions because Pinterest is about grabbing your virtual pushpins and pinning your way to a year bursting with creativity, self-expression, hobbies , and a sprinkle of Pinterest magic. Don't just dream it, pin it! Unique insights from Pinterest trends are here to take you on a ride to a joyful 2024.

1. Eclectic Grandpa

Eclectic Grandpa

2024 is about dressing like an eclectic grandpa! Pinterest says that a new trend called "grandpa-core" will have Gen Z and Boomers mixing old styles, from moving away from the coastal grandma look to welcoming the grandpa look of retro streetwear with old caps and cardigans. This fusion of eras brings expressive elements to fashion, creating a nostalgic yet trendy style that will redefine your wardrobe next year.

2. Western Gothic

Western Gothic

Step into the world of home decorating trends in 2024, where a cool new Western gothic style takes over Pinterest boards everywhere. This Pinterest trend blends vintage American vibes with mysterious, dark colors and expects Gen Z and Boomers to get creative together, adding deep fringe and dark paint to their DIY projects. It's time to bring a spooky, old-timey saloon vibe into your home.

3. Be Jelly

Be Jelly

Get ready to spot furniture, outfits, and accessories galore inspired by the graceful and squishy charm of jellyfish vibes coming your way! In 2024, everything from home décor to fashion and beauty is diving into the world of this mesmerizing sea creature. Gen Z and Millennials are exploring everything from "jellyfish umbrellas" and "jellyfish lamps" to "jellyfish hats" and even "jellyfish haircuts."

4. Make it Big

Make it Big

2024 is all about going big, as Pinterest claims! Oversized hair will make a comeback with fluffy hair, massive buns, and braids with big accessories like statement jewelry or those super-sized hoop earrings. Millennials and Gen Z will love to embrace the 'big' vibes because big hair, accessories, and styles are returning to match their love for boldness and extravagance in fashion and beauty.

5. Cute Coins

Cute Coins

Remember you had your personal bank when you were a kid? Yes, Piggy Banks! They are making a comeback. According to Pinterest, in 2024, Gen Z and Millennials are expected to add a touch of cuteness to their finances. They plan to personalize their credit cards with adorable stickers and customize their piggy banks. What a fun and practical way to make their money cuter!

6. Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty

Blue signifies calmness, serenity, and depth. Speaking of blue, aquamarine makeup is making a grand return and is more vibrant than ever. In 2024, Gen Z and Millennials are hunting for blue makeup looks, aiming to fuse these iconic '60s styles into their current beauty routines. The beauty of this trend is that the blue shade stands out gorgeously on all skin tones, adding a bold and captivating touch to everyone's look.

7. Rest Stops

Rest Stops

According to Pinterest's 2024 trend predictions, a new vacation style called "slowcations" is gaining popularity among Gen Z and Millennials. Instead of opting for fast-paced trips, they seek relaxed getaways in peaceful locations. This shift is evident in their search for "staycation hotels" and "slow life," indicating a desire to spend fewer nights out and savor more lazy mornings spent lounging in bed.

8. Big Talk

Big Talk

In 2024, Pinterest predicts a trend focused on building stronger real-life connections through online resources. Gen Z and Millennials are actively searching for ways to develop deeper bonds, using terms like "emotional intimacy," "questions for couples to reconnect," and "deep questions to ask friends" on Pinterest. The emphasis is on going beyond the surface and getting more personal with conversations.

9. Knockout Workouts

Knockout Workouts

Pinterest wants you to prepare for a major trend shift in 2024 as high-intensity activities make a powerful comeback. Millennials and Gen Z welcome combat sports by searching for workouts like "karate kumite," "shadow boxing," and "jiu-jitsu" as part of their self-care routine. These workouts strengthen them physically and bring a sense of calm to optimize their mind and body.

10. Inchstones


In 2024, Pinterest predicts a trend called "inchstones," where parents celebrate their kids' small wins in a big way to cherish small moments, bringing happiness and pride. They're searching for ideas like "monthly milestone ideas," "potty training rewards," and even planning parties for "my first tooth." For instance, parents might throw an ice cream sundae party to celebrate their child's solo bike ride without training wheels.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and flip the calendar to 2024, Pinterest peeked into the future and guessed what would be trending next year. But think of these Pinterest trends as ingredients and not recipes. The real magic comes when you add your twist.

Take a peek at Pinterest's predictions, pick what sparks your joy, and make 2024 your most vibrant year yet. Remember, these Pinterest trends are just a starting point. Let this be the start of where you can pin your dreams and watch them come to life! So start pinning to uncover the beauty that awaits you in 2024!

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