Best Tips to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Best Tips to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Have you ever faced the common dilemma of needing to use your phone but running out of battery? Modern smartphones possess remarkable efficiency and precision, operating at an exceptionally high level. However, these tasks consume substantial battery power. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, we now use powerful processors and larger screens. Ultimately, a mobile phone's usefulness hinges on its battery life. Unfortunately, a phone's battery life deteriorates over time, resulting in faster drain.

The majority of phones in today's time use Lithium-ion batteries. This battery charges in cycles and over a while, diminishes its use. However, many effective ways can help you extend your phone’s battery life. In this blog, we’ll cover seven effective ways to extend your phone’s battery life so that you don’t have to spend much of your time next to a power outlet or carry the power brick in your pocket.

1. Don’t Use Your Phone While it’s Charging

Don’t Use Your Phone While it’s Charging

To avoid excess load on the battery, it’s best not to use the phone while charging it. This causes a parasitic load on the battery. Parasitic is the drainage of the battery while charging the phone simultaneously. Avoid heavy tasks while charging the phone. This causes the phone's battery to drain faster than expected.

Using the phone while charging can deteriorate the battery, which causes your phone to run out faster. This leads to battery overheating, resulting in decreased battery life. Additionally, it causes the battery to swell, posing risks such as explosions.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Leaving the phone unattended in very high or low temperatures affects the phone's battery life. If your battery is charged completely, the battery drains quicker than usual in extreme conditions. This can leave the battery damaged over a period of time. A damaged battery affects the battery life of the phone.

Completely avoid using the mobile device if the climatic temperature is below the freezing point of 32°F (0°C). Living in a cold region and being out constantly can result in low battery life; one can invest in an insulated phone case to avoid this. If the phone charger overheats, immediately unplug the phone from the charger to avoid damaging the battery.

3. Avoid Using Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Avoid Using Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are fluid designs or GIFs playing in the background. Live wallpapers require power for the interactive animation. It isn't as noticeable during usage, but it will reduce your overall screen time.

If your device has an OLED screen, using black-colored wallpapers can enhance your battery life. Widgets are extensions of source apps that consume some of the phone's power. To minimize phone battery consumption, removing unnecessary widgets that continuously run in the background will help you improve your battery life.

4. Avoid Charging Your Phone to 100%

Avoid Charging Your Phone to 100%

A common misconception prevails that fully charging and then completely draining the phone's battery is the ideal way to maintain its longevity. You are stressing the Lithium-ion battery by continuing this repetitive process. Charging your phone up to 100% can halve the phone's battery health compared to charging the phone up to 80%.

As the battery comes under stress while fully charged or drained, it is best advised to charge the phone up to 80% and use it until it reaches 30% or charge it up to 90% and use it until it reaches 20%. The best way to preserve your smartphone's battery life is to charge it between 80% to 90%.

5. Utilize the Power Saving Mode

Utilize the Power Saving Mode

iOS and Android have their own battery-saving modes. This reduces the power consumed by the device as it cuts back on the functions that drain the smartphone's battery life. Functions like CPU usage, mail fetching, screen brightness, and notifications are reduced during the power-saving mode.

Usually, power saving mode automatically enables itself when the battery falls below 20% or 15%, but simultaneously, you can manually enable it through settings at your own will. This allows the phone to function with minimum capabilities. It can be optional to enable this feature at all times. Power saving mode helps reduce stress on the battery of the phone.

6. Turn Off Your Location or GPS

Turn Off Your Location or GPS

Apps these days track your location to support the services provided by them. This is done along with the WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular network to maximize accuracy. To ensure you are not wasting any battery, it is best to turn off all these settings while they aren't in use. Keeping them on will unnecessarily waste battery.

To optimize battery life, it is crucial to enable location services only while the app is in use. Google Maps relies on these services for navigation, but constant background GPS pings can significantly drain the battery.

7. Turning On Dark Mode

Turning On Dark Mode

Most smartphones come with OLED displays that illuminate pixels individually. This is precisely where dark mode proves its worth. Dark mode utilizes a feature where numerous pixels on the display remain inactive unless necessary, resulting in improved energy efficiency. It also depends on the level of brightness used on the smartphone.

Unfortunately, smartphones equipped with LCDs do not experience an improvement in battery performance when utilizing dark mode. This is because pixels still need to be illuminated, thereby consuming energy. However, you can keep your brightness level to a minimum to help you save battery.


Having a prolonged battery life is crucial for ensuring a seamless smartphone user experience. You can use various methods to extend your smartphone's battery life. These tips mentioned above can help you improve your smartphone's battery health.

These simple methods can enhance your smartphone's battery life in the long run. By following these practices, you can optimize your phone's performance while minimizing the need for frequent charging. Mindful usage of your device can effectively enhance your battery life in the long run.

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