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These are the Safest Countries in the World to Visit in 2024

These are the Safest Countries in the World to Visit in 2024

As we slowly progress through 2024, it’s time to revisit the travel bucket list you made on New Year’s Eve and check some boxes. The internet is brimming with blogs to help you decide your next picturesque vacation. Whether you want to explore popular tourist hotspots or plan a long road trip and disconnect from the world, the options are limitless. However, safety is a major concern for travelers before planning any trip.

When it comes to travel, safety covers everything, from places free of terrorism and violence to regions with a solid infrastructure to withstand any natural calamities and where people of all ethnicities and identities feel comfortable. In this article, we have listed the ten safest countries to travel to in 2024. These travel destinations are not only known for their pristine landscapes and unique cultures but also take pride in their warm hospitality and secure environment. Before the wanderlust inside you takes over and you book the next immediate flight , see what travel destinations align with your safety priorities and plan your trip around them. Let’s dive in.

1. Canada

Canada is one of the safest countries on Earth, and it comes as no surprise, given its high quality of life and stringent laws. Referred to as “The Great White North,” Canada boasts amazing landscapes and hiking trails that are no less than a winter wonderland. Also popular for its pristine lakes and cascading waterfalls, a trip here will always be memorable. Whether you are immersing yourself in nature or exploring big cities like Montreal and Toronto, the environment is extremely safe, and the culture is inclusive and welcoming.

2. Norway

Nordic regions have always been a top choice for travelers prioritizing their safety. With its low crime rates, stable political environment, and minimal terrorist or violent activities, Norway offers many reasons to visit the beautiful region. Imagine experiencing the dancing Northern Lights with a sip of hot cocoa in the middle of nowhere and disconnecting from the world as you backpack through the stunning terrains of Norway. The country’s capital, Oslo, is an equally adventurous and safe city. If you are considering a trip to Europe, you won’t regret adding the Nordic countries to your travel plans.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s most prosperous and politically stable countries, with low crime rates and a peaceful, harmonious environment. The country has prospered in peace and developed amazing tourist spots with state-of-the-art facilities. The Swiss Alps offer amazing trekking opportunities and quiet escapes to mountain towns and camps. Also popular for their high standard of living and modern systems, cities like Geneva and Zurich are models for other cities worldwide. Switzerland is every traveler’s dream, making it perfect for your next memorable and safe vacation.

4. Ireland

Ireland constantly ranks as one of the friendliest and safest countries in Europe and the world. It is ranked third on the Global Peace Index and is also 8th on the UN’s Human Development Index. If Ireland’s iconic Cliffs of Moher or bar-hopping for some Guinness is on your travel plans, you don’t have to worry about safety and peace when in Ireland. Known as the Emerald Isle, and for good reasons, millions of tourists visit this country every year for its vibrant food culture, diverse landscapes, and chill weather. Ireland also ranks high regarding Women’s safety and overall inclusivity, making it an ideal tourist destination.

5. Portugal

Portugal may not seem as common a name on the list as others, but it is a haven for all travelers, especially solo travelers who love to backpack across Europe. It is a very diverse country with good weather, food, and people, most of whom are tourists flocking to its cities and coastal towns. The country’s north is rocky and cold, while the sun shines all year round in the south. Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, seafood, wines, rich history, and low crime rate. With high standards of living and so many places to explore, you wouldn’t want to leave this coastal paradise.

6. Japan

The only Asian country on the list, Japan’s second-to-none hospitality and unique culture are known worldwide. However, the country is also very safe and friendly when it comes to foreign tourists. A melting pot of age-old traditions and advanced technologies, Japan is truly an experience. The country honors its culture of respect, politeness, and orderliness at all times, extending it to the millions of foreigners visiting Japan annually. Whether a solo traveler or not, you will feel safe and included as you explore the country in superfast bullet trains or unwind in a quiet Japanese village overlooking Mount Fuji.

7. Australia

Planning a trip down under can be daunting when traveling far from home to the other side of the world. However, Australia is a modern and safe travel destination like most developed countries. Being an island, Australia is blessed with a huge coastline on all sides, with sparkling beaches and coral reefs attracting tourists all year round. Spend time in the vibrant nightlife of Melbourne, splurge on a private island vacation, or watch wild koalas in one of many national parks around the country; you will find a sense of safety everywhere. The national homicide and serious crime rates are very low, making it a secure choice for females and solo travelers who want to explore the continent.

Every destination on this list offers unique experiences to make your vacations worthwhile. The common factor amongst them is the welcoming and secure environment these countries offer their visitors. As you chart your travel plans and convince your buddies to join you on a foreign trip, don’t let safety concerns spoil the mood. Numerous places you can visit are safe and perfect for a long getaway, solo or with a group. The best and safest countries in the world to visit in 2024 are just a flight ticket away!

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