The 20 Best Starbucks Drinks You Would Want to Order Again

The 20 Best Starbucks Drinks You Would Want to Order Again

Navigating the vast Starbucks menu drinks can become quite overwhelming for first-timers like you. As a result, your indecisiveness might lead you to order Starbucks drinks that are not worth your taste buds! We understand this, and to help you solve this genuine concern, we recommend you decide whether you are in for green tea, caffeine, or frappuccinos.

Once you have decided that, voila! You are almost halfway through your final order. Then, you must research the best Starbucks drinks of all time, scroll, read about each drink in detail, and decide which exactly satisfies your taste buds the most. Our best guess goes with Halloween's favorite pumpkin spice latte or the nutty-flavored pistachio latte. Regardless of it, we shall now get ready to find the best Starbucks drinks for you.

1. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew has won the hearts of coffee lovers looking for a new twist on a classic fall flavor. With its rich pumpkin flavor, sweet and spicy notes, and a velvety cold brew base, this seasonal favorite is a refreshing sip of autumn in a cup.

2. Honey Almond Milk Flat White
Honey Almond Milk Flat White

Combining the nutty sweetness of almond milk and the floral notes of honey, the Honey Almond Milk Flat White is a non-dairy delight. This beautifully balanced drink pairs smoothly steamed milk with full-bodied espresso for a comforting yet rich taste.

3. Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher
Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher

Dragon Fruit is an unconventional flavor in the U.S., making it an enticing feature of this drink. The addition of mango introduces further tropical notes, offering a refreshing taste that is light and satisfying, unlike the heaviness of a typical hot beverage.

4. Caramel Brulée Latte
Caramel Brulée Latte

When the holiday season arrives, the Caramel Brulée Latte makes its welcome return. This latte is a decadent dessert coffee with a rich blend of creamy steamed milk, vanilla extract, and espresso shots; all topped with a crunchy layer of caramelized sugar.

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice Latte

No autumnal lineup would be complete without the fan favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Its blend of traditional pumpkin spices, smooth espresso, steamed milk, and whipped cream screams cozy comfort. It has become a marker for the change of seasons for a generation of coffee drinkers.

6. Caramel Apple Spice
Caramel Apple Spice

The Caramel Apple Spice is the perfect mug for those seeking a caffeine-free delight. This warm apple cider infused with a swirl of creamy caramel is the ultimate hug-in-a-mug, especially during the crisp fall days.

7. Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte
Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte

A festive addition, the Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte brings holiday cheer with every sip. The combination of iced almond milk, espresso, and notes of sugar cookie is a sweet and creamy taste of the holidays, perfect for those looking for a wintery treat.

8. Nitro Cold Brew
Nitro Cold Brew

The Nitro Cold Brew is basically an improvised version of the classic cold brew coffee. Nitrogen infusion lends a silky texture to creamy head; notably, it's dairy-free. It’s a sophisticated and refreshing pick-me-up for those who appreciate the smoother side of coffee.

9. Chocolate Cream Cold Brew
Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

The Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is an indulgent option for sweet tooth lovers. It combines the richness of chocolate and coffee with a velvety smooth cream. This dessert drink avoids being overwhelmingly sweet, making it perfect for a midday caffeine and sugar pick-me-up.

10. Matcha Crème Frappuccino
Matcha Crème Frappuccino

The Matcha Crème Frappuccino is a dream come true for matcha lovers. This velvety beverage made with sweetened matcha green tea and milk is as eye-catching as it is delicious. Topped with whipped cream, it’s a refreshing treat any time of year.

11. Toasted White Chocolate Mocha
Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

A star of Starbucks' holiday lineup, the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha is a warm, indulgent drink made from espresso, steamed milk, and sweet white chocolate topped with whipped cream and candied cranberry sugar. A rich and toasty delight pairs perfectly with a chilly day.

12. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Experience the perfect vanilla and cold brew coffee blend in the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. This delightful drink balances sweetness and freshness, making it the ideal choice for a hot day. The vanilla sweet cream floats on the cold brew, creating a lovely ombre effect you'll want to savor with every sip.

13. Coconut Milk Latte
Coconut Milk Latte

The Coconut Milk Latte tastes like the tropics, with a smooth, coconut-like flavor complementing the coffee. It’s a great alternative for those looking to avoid dairy while still enjoying the comfort of a latte.

14. Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew
Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew

The Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew is a hidden gem. It features a layer of smooth, sweet microfoam made from non-dairy milk that floats subtly atop the cold-brew coffee, creating a visually appealing and textural experience.

15. Iced Green Tea Lemonade
Iced Green Tea Lemonade

A refreshing and energizing tea creation, the Iced Green Tea Lemonade is a revitalizing blend of slightly sweetened green tea and a splash of zesty lemonade. This drink is perfect for those who prefer a lighter, fruit-infused style over caffeine.

16. London Fog Tea Latte
London Fog Tea Latte

The London Fog Tea Latte showcases Starbucks's commitment to delivering a sensory experience with its drinks. This Earl Grey tea-based favorite is infused with vanilla syrup and steamed milk, producing a tea latte that’s as aromatic as it is tasty.

17. Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade
Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Indulge in the delightful blend of sweet peach, tangy lemonade, and smooth green tea served over ice in the refreshing Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade. It’s the perfect punchy combination for a hot summer day or whenever you need a reminder that the sun is never too far away.

18. Pistachio Latte
Pistachio Latte

Debuting as a part of the Starbucks Reserve limited-time offerings, the Pistachio Latte has gained a loyal following for its unique combination of espresso, steamed milk, and sweet yet subtly nutty pistachio flavor. It’s a filling sip that’s comforting, healthy, and unique.

19. Apple Crisp Macchiato
Apple Crisp Macchiato

Introduced as a part of the Starbucks Bakery series, the Apple Crisp Macchiato is a sweet, caramel-drizzle-topped confection. With layers of apple, sweet cream, and espresso, this drink provides a delicious mix of flavors reminiscent of a freshly baked apple treat.

20. Iced Lavender Cream Oat Milk Matcha
Iced Lavender Cream Oat Milk Matcha

For a floral and creamy take on the matcha experience, the Iced Lavender Cream Oat Milk Matcha combines cooling oat milk with the earthy matcha green tea and a touch of soothing lavender for a truly unique refreshment.

For those seeking to broaden their Starbucks experience beyond the usual suspects, these 20 drinks highlight the diverse range of offerings available, catering to an array of palates. Whether you’re in the mood for the comforting flavors of fall or a summery refresher, Starbucks’ menu drinks have something to suit every taste.

So, the next time you get overwhelmed by the many Starbucks drink options, you know where to find the best Starbucks drinks tailored to your taste buds. So, now stop contemplating and indulge in the rich and creamy taste of the best Starbucks drinks.

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