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5 Sore Throat Remedies for Clear Throat

5 Sore Throat Remedies for Clear Throat

A sore throat can create discomfort as it irritates and distracts us from important events. The lump in our throat can cause problems in swallowing and speaking, which is why we need to clear it. As we have all gone through this many times, here are some remedies that can be used and applied on a regular basis.

There are many reasons for having a sore throat, like pollution, dryness, allergies, or a common cold. These remedies for sore throat listed below can relieve your irritation and make you feel comfortable in your daily tasks. For more beneficial effects, make a habit of using these remedies whenever needed instead of running to your nearby doctor.

1. Warm Salt Water Gargling
Warm Salt Water Gargling

Home remedies for sore throat can benefit your health as no other medicines. Gargling with warm salt water can benefit your throat and oral health. Doing it regularly in the morning and before bed can reduce the harmful bacteria present in your mouth and give you relief from the pain and inflammation.

To make proper warm salt water, mix ½ tsp of salt with 8oz of warm water, mix it well, and then gargle 4 to 5 times twice a day.

2. Hydration

While we all know that keeping our body hydrated is essential, we miss out on the fact that even our throat needs hydration every few minutes. Not drinking enough water throughout the day can cause sore throat and irritation. And not just water, having enough liquid is very important.

Herbal tea, soup, and plain warm water can make your throat healthy and pain-free. The proper amount of liquid can soothe your throat, prevent infections, clear your speech, and give overall relief and comfort.

3. Steam Inhalation
Steam Inhalation

When we have a sore throat, taking steam remedies can help a lot. Inhaling from a vaporizing machine or a hot bowl of water can give good results in throat pain. When we suffer from cold and cough, having an inflamed throat is very common but can cause many discomforts. Inhaling hot water steam can clear the infection and help release the lump quickly.

Steam inhalation can hydrate your throat, loosen the mucus, relieve congestion, and help you to relax. It is a natural healing method. Other benefits are that it is cost-effective and safe to use. Place a bowl of hot water on the surface, and keep your face at a distance so as not to get burned. Cover your head with a towel to prevent steam from going elsewhere. Repeat this daily while having a bad throat and once a week for a healthy throat for good results.

4. Throat Sprays
Throat Sprays

When we look to improve our health, we often go for syrups and medicines. But throat sprays are evenly effective when it comes to sore throat. These tiny bottles have multiple benefits and give instant relief. Like other medicines, these sprays don't have any side effects and heal quickly as they target the throat directly. They have moisturizing effects, as many sprays contain honey and glycerin.

They contain anti-bacterial ingredients that help combat germs in the throat, reducing the risk of infection and recovering faster. Plus, these sprays are suitable for all ages.

5. Humidifier

Besides all the remedies we consume for our sore throat, there are devices made for maintaining the health of our throat by using them in our home. These humidifiers are machines used in homes. Its benefits are that it restores moisture during winter and relieves respiratory symptoms like asthma, sinuses, and allergies. It soothes a sore throat with a gentle and moisturizing mist.

These machines also improve sleep quality, as a scratchy throat can cause fatigue during the night. An additional benefit of humidifiers is that they provide hydration to the skin and not just the throat.

The remedies listed above include warm salt water gargling, hydration, steam inhalation, throat spray, and humidifiers. These can help maintain your throat health and promote healing quickly. Some of them are available in your kitchen and are cost-efficient.

Though most of these remedies are non-allergic, consulting a professional doctor before using some of them to check for rare allergies is recommended. Consult a professional if the sickness gets worse.

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