How to Crop a Screenshot on a Mac

How to Crop a Screenshot on a Mac

We all love taking screenshots. Whether it’s something important- work-related stuff, a post we like on social media, some information we don’t want to lose, or just a random image that might be useful later on. Often, we require only a specific portion of that screenshot and look to discard the unnecessary elements.

The best way to achieve that is to trim your screenshots. If you are a new Mac user or still get confused over how to crop your screenshots conveniently, this is the guide you’ve been looking for. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to trim your screenshots in a few easy steps like a pro.

1. Using Keyboard Hotkeys

Using Keyboard Hotkeys

Capturing and cropping a screenshot using hotkeys is the easiest and most convenient way. The built-in feature of capturing screenshots on Mac allows you to preview your image and edit it before saving it on your laptop. You can not only crop the screenshot image but also resize, rotate, or annotate it.

Step 1- Take a screenshot of your desired Mac Window using the “Shift+Command+3” keys. Using Keyboard Hotkeys

Step 2- Click on the thumbnail that appears in the bottom right corner of your screen. You will see a screenshot preview window. Using Keyboard Hotkeys

Step 3- Using your Mac’s mouse pad, drag the cursor to make a rectangular section of the desired portion you want to trim. Using Keyboard Hotkeys

Step 4- Press the “Command+K” key to crop the image. Your computer will save the edited screenshot automatically. Using Keyboard Hotkeys

2. Using Menu Bar

Using Menu Bar

Select the crop option from the drop-down menu if you don’t want to remember the hotkey combination.

Step 1- Repeat the first three steps of the previous method. Grab a screenshot and select a rectangular section of the portion you want to trim. Using Menu Bar

Step 2- Click on “Tools” in the top menu bar. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Crop”. Using Menu Bar

Step 3- The computer will save the selected portion directly for you. Using Menu Bar

3. Using Touch Bar

Using Touch Bar

If you use the older versions of MacBook Pro models, make the best use of the touch bar. Cropping a screenshot is even more handy with a touch bar, as it allows you to complete the process in a single tap.

Step 1- Similar to the previous methods, use the hotkeys and capture a screenshot of the desired window screen. Drag and select the rectangular portion. Using Touch Bar

Step 2- Once you have selected the portion you want to trim, press the square crop icon on the touch bar. Your computer will save the cropped image. Using Touch Bar

4. Using the Photos App

Using the Photos App

Photos app is the best way to edit and crop screenshots if you want to use something other than the preview method. The photos app will not only allow you to crop and resize but also edit your images at the same time.

Step 1- Press “Shift+Command+3” and take the screenshot on your Mac. Using the Photos App

Step 2- Right-click the floating preview thumbnail and select the “Open In Photos” option from the pop-up menu. Using the Photos App

Step 3- Once you’re on the Photos app, click “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen. Using the Photos App

Step 4- Click on “Crop” in the edit toolbar and drag or resize the rectangular cropping area as per your requirement. Using the Photos App

Step 5- Once done, hit “Enter” or click “Done” in the top right corner. Your computer will save the cropped screenshot in the gallery. Using the Photos App

As evident from the blog, it is very convenient to crop your screenshots on a Mac with the built-in tools. A few easy steps, and you can edit and trim your screenshot images as per your liking for free.

Refer to this article and follow any methods if you’re stuck. Also, if you are cropping your screenshot, do not forget to save a copy of the original image, as your Mac autosaves the cropped image only. The tip will be handy if you do not want to lose the actual screenshot.

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